Volume 2 Chapter 16

CHAPTER XVI DISCIPLINE A Serious Study for Parents           Discipline is not Punishment.—‘What part does Discipline play in your system of education?’ We should hail the query as manifesting a cheering degree of interest if we were not quite sure that our interlocutor uses discipline as a euphuism for punishment. That conviction puts one’s mind into the attitude of protest. In the first place, we … Continue reading Volume 2 Chapter 16

Morning of Living Ideas June 16, 2018

Morning Of Living Ideas Mothers and educators, Gather for morning of inspiration, learning and encouragement as we delve into the principles and practices of a Charlotte Mason Education. Saturday, June 16, 2018   9am- 12:45 at Prairie Preserve Presentations and Workshops: Charlotte Mason introduction – history and principles The Feast is Spread Picture Study Immersion Session Snack and Chat    Your questions answered and discussion of The … Continue reading Morning of Living Ideas June 16, 2018

What Worked Fifty Years Ago

posted with loving thoughts of my mother-in -law, Kay. No one could have a better one than I am blessed with.  “What worked even fifty years ago will not work to-day, and what fulfils our needs to-day will not serve fifty years hence; There is no last word to be said upon education; it evolves with the evolution of the race.”    -Charlotte Mason Volume 3 Did … Continue reading What Worked Fifty Years Ago

Parents and Children Volume 2 Chapter 15

CHAPTER XVIS IT POSSIBLE? The Attitude of Parents towards Social Questions           A Moral Crisis.—The economic aspects of the great philanthropic scheme[1] which brought timely relief to the national conscience before the setting in of the hard winter of 1891, are, perhaps, outside our province; but it has educational aspects which we are, in some measure, bound to discuss. In the first place, the children … Continue reading Parents and Children Volume 2 Chapter 15

Parents and Children Volume 2 Chapter 14

CHAPTER XIVPARENTS ARE CONCERNED TO GIVE THE HEROIC IMPULSE[1]           Heroic Poetry Inspires to Noble Living.—“To set forth, as only art can, the beauty and the joy of living, the beauty and the blessedness of death, the glory of battle and adventure, the nobility of devotion—to a cause, and ideal, a passion even—the dignity of resistance, the sacred quality of patriotism, dignity of resistance, the … Continue reading Parents and Children Volume 2 Chapter 14

Autumn Conversations October 2020

Autumn Weekend Conversations ScheduleOctober 16-18, 2020 Friday:4:00    Check-in    anytime after 4.       Cottage House.6:00    Sharing Supper Pot-Luck.  Bring a dish to share.  Cottage House7:00    Education and the Laws of God with G.   Cottage House Saturday:8:30   Morning devotions, sing, and prayer.   Cottage House9:00   Breakfast.     Leavitt House 10:00  Outdoor Geography. Geography Immersion with L.    Outside/ Cottage House11:00  Nature hike to the pond. Object Lesson with Comstock and G.                … Continue reading Autumn Conversations October 2020

Summer Conversations

Charlotte Mason Overnight   B & B   Retreat Here are details for our upcoming get away….! PC Inn     Friday July 24 – Saturday 25, 2020 Friday 4:00  check in,   Saturday 11:00 depart. $65.00 Bring: –4 books- 2 of your favourites and 2 children’s books to show and tell. –bug spray? good walking shoes? = There are paths – in the eve or morning when it is … Continue reading Summer Conversations

Parents and Children Chapter 13

CHAPTER XIII FAITH AND DUTY Man lives by Faith, Godward and Manward         Things ‘Sacred’ and Things ‘Secular’ an Irreligious Classification.—There is a little involuntary resistance in our minds to any teaching which shall draw the deep things of our faith within the sphere of the laws which govern our development as human beings. We prefer that the commerce between God and the soul, in … Continue reading Parents and Children Chapter 13

Parents and Children Volume 2 Chapter 12

CHAPTER XII FAITH AND DUTY Claims of Philosophy as an Instrument of Education           English Educational Thought tends towards Naturalism.—Since Locke established a school of English educational thought, based on English philosophy, our tendency has been exclusively towards naturalism, if not materialism; to the exclusion of a vital element in education—the force of the idea.         Madame de Staël has a remarkable passage concerning this tendency in … Continue reading Parents and Children Volume 2 Chapter 12

Parents and Children Chapter 11

CHAPTER XI FAITH AND DUTY (REVIEWS ) Parents as Teachers of Morals           Laws of Nature and Ways of Men.—Education, properly understood, is the science of life, and every attempt to formulate this science is to be hailed with interest, and with a measure of gratitude in proportion to its success. Thinking minds everywhere are engaged in furnishing their quota towards this great work, in … Continue reading Parents and Children Chapter 11