Reading Schedule Volume 5

Formation of Character  Volume 5    Reading Schedule     2019-2020

Charlotte Mason book study, Omaha, Nebraska

The pages listed are the start and stop pages in the ‘Pinks’ (the edition with the pink covers pictured at various places on this blog)

July     Preface – Chapter 2 Inconstant Kitty, p.32

August     Chapter 3 Under a Cloud p.33 – Chapter 4 Dorothy Elmore’s Achievement ch I-V, p.67

September       Chapter 5 Consequences p.68 – Chapter 8 Poor Mrs Jumeau!, p.108

October    Chapter 9 A Happy Christmas to You! p.109 – Part II Ch 3  A-B-C Darians, p.143

November    Part II Chapter 4 Die Neue Zeit p.144 –  Part III Chapter1 Schoolboy-girl section Examinations, p.185

December      Part III Chapter 1 section The Playground p.185 –  section The Book for the Evening Lecture, p.223

January     Part III Chapter 1 section Poetry p.224 – Chapter 2 Concerning Young Maidens section Opinions, p.258

February     Part III Chapter 2 section Pursuits p.258 – Part IV Chapter 1 Two Pleasant Boys,  p.298

March     Part IV Chapter 2 A Genius at School p.299 –  section VIII, p.336

April   Part IV Chapter 2 section IX p.336 –  Chapter 3 Pendennis of Boniface section I , p.370

May      Part IV  Chapter 3 section II p. 370 – Chapter 4 Young Crossjay , p.400

June     Part IV Chapter 5 Better Than My Neighbour p.401 – Chapter 6 A Modern Educator, p.428

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