Morning Conversations in Picture

Morning Conversations 2019 was a gathering for Charlotte Mason educators in Omaha. Here is a re-cap of that special day with a few pictures. Thank you to Krista for snapping some of these pics! A few pre-Morning preparations-  the dining table centerpieces.   Sandy brought lots of Living Books. Some were her personal books and some were from the Omaha Homeschool Library.   Getting breakfast … Continue reading Morning Conversations in Picture

Morning Conversations Behind the Scenes Prep

The day before Morning Conversations our house was filled with Handicrafting– the best kind. The handicrafts that are handy (useful). Wonderful smells rose from the kitchen as I baked scones, muffins, and cookies. Scones waiting to go into the oven.     Baked scones cooling for their glaze.     Assembling the Berry Muffins, a gluten free, egg free, and dairy free treat with fresh … Continue reading Morning Conversations Behind the Scenes Prep

Charlotte Mason Morning Conversations

Charlotte Mason Morning Conversations is being held again this year at the lovely Glacier Creek Prairie. We’ll meet in the pristine white barn loft for food and conversations and refresh ourselves on a nature walk in the preserve’s native prairie. Enjoy breakfast and lunch with other home town Charlotte Mason educators. In between, we’ll talk CM. This event is for mothers (and new little ones) … Continue reading Charlotte Mason Morning Conversations