Home Education Volume 1

Part I     Some Preliminary Considerations

Part 1

1 A Method of Education

2 The Child’s Estate

3 Offending the Children

4 Despising the Children

5 Hindering the Children

6 Conditions of Healthy Brain-Activity

7 ‘The Reign of Law’ in Education

Part II     Out-of-Door Life for the Children

1 A Growing Time

2 ‘Sight-Seeing’

3 ‘Picture-Painting’

4 Flowers and Trees

5 ‘Living Creatures’

6 Field-Lore and Naturalists’ Books

7 The Child gets Knowledge by Means of his Senses

8 The Child Should be Made Familiar with Natural Objects

9 Out-of-Door Geography

10 The Child and Mother-Nature

11 Out-of-Door Games, etc.

12 Walks in Bad Weather

13 ‘Red Indian’ Life

14 The Children Require Country Air

Part III     Habit is Ten Natures

1 Education Based upon Natural Law

2 The Children have no Self-Compelling Power

3 What is ‘Nature’?

4 Habit may Supplant ‘Nature’

 5 The Laying Down of Lines of Nature

6 The Physiology of Habit

7 The Forming of a Habit—’Shut the Door After You’

8 Infant ‘Habits’

9 Physical Exercises

Part IV     Some Habits of the Mind—Some Moral Habits

Part 4

1 The Habit of Attention

2 The Habits of Application, Etc.

3 The Habit of Thinking

4 The Habit of Imagining

5 The Habit of Remembering

6 The Habit of Perfect Execution

7 Some Moral Habits—Obedience

8 Truthfulness

Part V     Lessons as Instruments of Education

1 The Matter and Method of Lessons

2 The Kindergarten as a Place of Education

3 Further Consideration of the Kindergarten

4 Reading

5 The First Reading Lesson

6 Reading by Sight and by Sound

7 Recitation

8 Reading for Older Children

9 The Art of Narrating

10 Writing

11 Transcription

12 Spelling and Dictation

13 Composition

14 Bible Lessons

15 Arithmetic

16 Natural Philosophy