☑☑☑☑☑ = A FIVE PAGE rating ☾ 😦   This week I came across a quote about one of my favorite books, Frankenstein  by Mary Shelley, and it reminded me that I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. I feel somewhat unsettled to admit that I loved this book. The topic is so…. disturbing, horrifying at times, bordering on the brink of sanity … Continue reading Frankenstein

Charlotte Mason Morning Conversations

Charlotte Mason Morning Conversations is being held again this year at the lovely Glacier Creek Prairie. We’ll meet in the pristine white barn loft for food and conversations and refresh ourselves on a nature walk in the preserve’s native prairie. Enjoy breakfast and lunch with other home town Charlotte Mason educators. In between, we’ll talk CM. This event is for mothers (and new little ones) … Continue reading Charlotte Mason Morning Conversations

Reading Schedule Volume 5

Formation of Character  Volume 5    Reading Schedule     2019-2020 Charlotte Mason book study, Omaha, Nebraska The pages listed are the start and stop pages in the ‘Pinks’ (the edition with the pink covers pictured at various places on this blog) July     Preface – Chapter 2 Inconstant Kitty, p.32 August     Chapter 3 Under a Cloud p.33 – Chapter 4 Dorothy Elmore’s Achievement ch I-V, p.67 September       Chapter … Continue reading Reading Schedule Volume 5